Privacy Policy

At Onus Consulting Group, our primary goal is to offer Canadians the tools necessary to assess the quality of their financial advice, as well as enlighten them as to the sense of politics of the retail investment industry. Since the very nature of our service requires us to present applicable material in the world of financial services, we are obligated to ask questions in order to present relevant information and topics. Given our company’s value for your privacy, as we would our own as individuals, we take every measure to protect it.

Information about a client’s status as investors and their respective portfolio is gathered as a result of requests for Investor Awareness Kits, as well as for advisor referrals for the reasons written above. The information provided will not be given to any third party without your expressed consent, and it will not be sold or leased under any circumstances.

Non-personal information is collected through your website visits. Through our web host, statistics are gathered monitoring, among other things, the pages you visit and the length of time spent visiting the website. This is done with the intention of analyzing the use of our website in order to make it more efficient for our visitors to use.  

Protocol has been established that protects the security of client information from unauthorized use or disclosure. Employees are bound by a non-disclosure agreement, which they are required to sign upon commencement of their employment.


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