“Using an organization design that would amaze (and delight!) the oligarchs of corporate America, the managers of mutual funds have enjoyed virtually free rein to place their interests ahead of the interests of the owners of their funds.”

-John Bogle, founder and former CEO of The Vanguard mutual fund group.
Bogle, John. The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism. Yale University Press, 2005.



Did you know?

Smith Barney, an American Brokerage house, did a study to see if fund companies could consistently perform. Seventy two funds managers were analyzed over different time periods. With the performance of funds on the top quartile declining by almost 10% over the next two years, it was revealed that the best performers over two years were most likely to follow with two weak years than to repeat their success. On the other hand, funds in the bottom quartile improved by almost 11% over the next two years.

- Stoffman, Daniel. The Money Machine. Toronto: Macfarlane Walter and Ross, 2000.












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